Who We Are

   Coordinator ~ Dorothy Congo

     780-797-2501 (home) 780-914-5113 (cell)    email:  dorothyrcongo@gmail.com

     Administer the work of the women’s ministry’s by encouraging teamwork and mutual support and by providing leadership for   all. This may   include  coordinating women’s conferences, special service projects and trips. Develop the women’s ministry budget plan, annually, along with ministry team reports to the board for the church AGM.

 loretta1 Hospitality ~ Loretta Koehn

   780-797-2225 email: rfkoehn@gmail.com

   Coordinates meals and lodging for special guests, billets and travelling groups. Also works with Special  Services to coordinate  a date to organize  “Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner?”

cacka (2)  Outreach ~ Dawn Cacka

   780-325-2384 email: jrcacka@gmail.com

The purpose of the Outreach committee is to provide opportunities for the outreach into our surrounding communities.  Our events are designed to build relationships, provide entry points to our church and present the gospel. Our team plans a Ladies Christmas Tea early December. In February we have a Couples Night and in April a free supper for Seniors.

 Prayer Sister ~ Renee Jackson 

        780-293-7537(cell)  email:gnrnchm@gmail.com

This team’s mission is to create a community of women who pray and encourage each other in our walk of faith through our relations with Jesus and one another.  The purpose of this program is to care for, share with and encourage one another. However, the main purpose is to pray for each other. Ladies can join at any time, with our program running from March – March drawing new names at our annual potluck supper.

michele1  Ladies Retreat ~ Michele Shpakowsky

780-898-7479 email: michelecm@hotmail.com

This team’s desire is to create a sense of belonging in our church and community through a retreat for women. We aspire to create a warm and welcoming environment that enables ladies to connect with each other as we study God’s word.  Retreats are held each fall, with registrations generally available in June for the October retreat.

Compassion ~ Gerry Resler

780-325-2386 email: gmvresler@gmail.com

       Janet Hauser


 This team serves others by visiting or sending cards to those who are grieving, hospitalized, seniors, shut-ins, lonely or facing some kind of crisis. Encouragement and prayer support are important aspects of this ministry. In certain crisis situations, a group of people may be mobilized to provide practical assistance (ie: meals, child care or transportation). They may be asked for funeral luncheons as well. Acknowledgement of special occasions (usually a card) may also be undertaken by this team (ie: 50th anniversary, 80th birthday).

Card Ministry ~ Michele Shpakowsky

&  Renee Jackson

Making hand-made cards that will be given to other ministries to bless others with an encouraging word. This ministry is open to all women to come fellowship while we put cards together. All supplies and instructions will be provided. You will be welcome to take 1 card home while the rest of the cards made will go into the card ministry supply. Cards will be used for our church’s ministries such as the Prayer Sisters and Compassion Ministry other cards will be sent out to various community ministries.