H.O.M.E. Groups


Much more than a ‘Bible study’, HOME Groups seek to live out what it means to be ‘church’ amongst a group of known people, diverse in age, interest and background.  Typically, home groups meet in people’s homes, many of them in the neighborhood surrounding the church, and some even meet in the church building.  Most are comprised of 10-20 people.  Contact Pastor Micah if you would like to find out more or belong to a HOME group.


Date                                           Location

Sundays @ 6:30 PM                                        Ernie and Judy Semenyna  (780-727-2459)

“The Early Church” -more specifically the churches in Caesarea, Sardis, Pergamum, Ephesus and Laodicea.  The triumph of the Christian faith is nowhere more striking than in the ancient Roman province of Asia Minor or modern-day Turkey.  By taking us into that immoral culture where the early Christian missionaries had such a dramatic impact, Ray Vander Laan reveals how Christians today can impact our culture for Christ.  Ray weaves together the Bible’s fascinating historical, cultural, religious and geographical contexts to reveal insights into the scripture’s significance for us as believers today.

Mondays @ 6:45 PM  (on break till the Fall)        Phil and Michele Shpakowsky  (780-898-7479)

Tuesdays @ 7:00 PM          Entwistle Community Church  (780-727-2829)


Led by: Bob Koehn

Tuesdays @ 7:30 PM          Mark & Melissa Cacka  (780-405-8738)

Scripture & Prayer, Going Deeper With God

Led by: Len Thompson

Wednesdays @ 7:00 PM   Wayne and Tracey Ould   (780-727-2183)

Character Sketches

Led by: Don Congo